Dinosaur Footprints - Salema

Dinosaur Footprints - Salema - Full

About 120 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed around Salema, in Vila do Bispo, and left tracks that go unnoticed by the beachgoers who now lie on the sand of this beach. Let yourself be led by the experienced eyes of our guides and find several Dinosaur footprints carved into the rocks. These traces were discovered more than 20 years ago and belong to animals that lived during the lower Cretaceous. How much did they weigh, how tall were they, how fast did they run, fly, were they bipedal, carnivorous? Join us and find the answer to these "dino-doubts".

  • Type(s): Field trip
  • Theme(s): Archeology, History and Geology
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Target Audience: All audiences
  • Language: Portuguese, English
  • Recommendations:

    Walking on the rocky platform can be uncomfortable for bare feet. We recommend that you bring footwear to get wet. We do not recommend wearing flip-flops. Bring a hat, sunscreen and water.

  • Registration: Activity with online registration
  • Nr of participants: Mín. 4 Max. 10 (minimum age 6 years old)
  • Price: Child 5.00€
    Adult 5.00€
  • Partner:
  • Schedule: Tuesday 4th of October 2022 from 04:00 pm until 05:30 pm
  • Meeting point:
    Salema Beach

    37.065292, -8.824884