Nest box construction workshop

Nest box construction workshop - Full

This activity is part of the project "Local Accommodation for Birds", that is being implemented throughout the Algarve region and aims to benefit some urban bird species. During the activity participants will learn how to build nest boxes for birds, namely for different species of titmouse that can be found in Portugal. We will also explain the importance of nest boxes, as well as the secrets of building and installing them, and the role of species in the balance of ecosystems.

  • Schedule: Monday 3rd of October 2022 from 11:00 am until 12:00 pm
  • Theme(s): Environmental Education
  • Type(s): Workshop
  • Location: Outdoor activity
  • Nr of participants: Mín. 1 Max. 10 (minimum age 4 years old)
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Target Audience: All audiences
  • Registration: Activity with online registration
  • Partner: