Didgeridoo Workshop

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Miguel Maat
Miguel Maat

Didgeridoo workshop (beginner/intermediate) – learn or develop the basic practice techniques of this traditional instrument from the aboriginal tribes of Australia.


Considered the oldest instrument in the world, it is supposed to have been initially used to communicate between tribes, and the traditional instruments designated Yidaki have been introduced into ritual ceremonies since immemorial times, by the Yolngul people. In the 70's, the instrument crossed the borders of Australia, giving rise to a new stream of musical approaches.

It is a breath instrument with a single base note, enriched by the exploitation of various sound capacities, imposed by the conscious use of the respiratory and muscular apparatus. Its most characteristic technique consists of circular breathing, which allows a continuous flow of air to be maintained so as not to interrupt the sound while breathing.

The workshop consists of a theoretical introduction on the origin of the Didgeridoo, followed by an essentially practical component dedicated to the development of the 5 basic techniques, using rhythmic and respiratory exercises. There is still time to address the concepts of vibrational therapy and circular breathing.


08 October

Activity languages: Portuguese and English
Duration (min): 90
Target audience: All audiences.
Meeting Place and Time:

15h00 - Forte do Beliche

Minimum age: 5 years old
Nr participants Mín. 6 Máx. 18
Price: Free. See note below.
Inscription: Prior booking is essential.

NOTE: To enjoy this discount price you will have to pick up your festival bracelet at the event office, located in Beliche Fortress, or at the meeting point of this activity.


Vila do Bispo Town Hall


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