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New record of attendees


The 8th edition of the festival set the record for attendees. This year we received about 2150 people, plus 1000 compared to last year. Participants enjoyed 5 days full of activities dedicated to nature, held in different points of Sagres. New records were also recorded as the number of nationalities present at the festival. This year was 39, 10 more than last year! From the 250 activities of the program, some deserve to be highlighted because they were an innovation and for the excellent participation of the participants. It was the case of the train trips where the story of Sagres was told, music workshops, mobile observatory, musical moments and wooden birds distributed by the partners and schools to be decorated. In relation to the species observed, 169 were counted in the total, in which 8 of them are considered acidental. The success of another edition of this festival was also due in large part to the volunteers and 55 partners who collaborated in this initiative, either in the part of the activities or in the attribution of discounts to the organization and / or participants. At the beginning of 2018 the dates for the 9th edition will be announced!

Festival partilha listas no PortugalAves/eBird


The organization of the Birdwatching Festival & Nature Activities encourages participants to use the Portugal Aves/eBird platform to record their bird observations and make them available to the scientific, birding and bird watching community, contributing to a increased knowledge of some species, their distribution and abundance. In this way, besides contributing to an immense database, you can also take advantage of all the other potentialities of the platform, for example, to identify sites prone to the observation and occurrence of target species.

During the 5 days of the festival these are the species that were observed:

> Day 1 (4th October) - 98 species

> Day (5th October) - 121 species

> Day 3 (6th October) - 122 species

> Day 4 (7th October) - 120 species

> Day 5 (8th October) -  96 species

Vila do Bispo Town Hall