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SPEA/Life Rupis

«Cantinho do Rupis (Rupis Corner)” is back to the Festival, with new and amusing activities, about the species the project Life Rupis his helping to protect: Egyptian vulture and Bonelli’s Eagle. 

You’ll be able to paint bird images, make drawings and bird magnets or other handicrafty ideas that then you can take home. And there are new activities everyday:

 - Day 4 | Rupis is back

On the first day, we will know «where was Rupis» during last year, build maps, draw migrating routes and also help decorating “Cantinho do Rupis”!

- Day 5 | Rupis’neighbours

On the second day, we will get to know who are Rupis’ neighbours and you can start thinking about it: elephants or eagles? And if there is time, continue decorating “Cantinho do Rupis”. 

- Day 6 | My story with Rupis

This time we will help you to free the storyteller in you, and to make your own book or cartoon (we have paper, bird images, etc). Once upon a time… and the rest of the story just depends on the wings you give to your imagination! 

- Day 8 | Family Peddy-paper

The life of an Egyptian vulture has many challenges and in the last day of the Festival, we invite you to participate in a funny peddy-paper, where you can put all your abilities and knowledge in practise to overcome it. And the good news is: parents can come too!


04 October

05 October

06 October

08 October

Activity languages: Portuguese and English
Duration (min): 90
Target audience: Children
Guide / Trainer: Vanessa Oliveira
Meeting Place and Time:

Forte do Beliche (see schedule above)

Minimum age: 5 years old
Price: Free. See note below.
Inscription: No inscription required; free admission.

NOTE: To enjoy this discount price you will have to pick up your festival bracelet at the event office, located in Beliche Fortress, or at the meeting point of this activity.


Vila do Bispo Town Hall


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